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Dog Boarding, Doggie Day Care and Dog Training in Lynwood Illinois, Chicago and Northwest Indiana

Dear valued Paw Palace customers and to whom else this may concern:

Hi from Paw Palace!
              To start off, we would like to thank each and everyone one of our customers for understanding and responding to this outbreak of the Canine Influenza Virus that has spread throughout Chicago land. If you haven’t read our previous message, Influenza did reach our facility and that was why we chose to temporarily close our doors to the public. Our team made that decision because the health and well-being of the dogs is what comes first. By choosing to close, we avoided this strain of the flu to spread even further than it has.
              Paw Palace’s entire staff is proud to announce that we have recovered from this outbreak and that all 31 of the sick dogs we had here are fully recovered and back to their happy, waggy tail state. We have now reopened our doors to the public for all of our services which are boarding, daycare, training, and grooming. Again, we would like to thank all of the teams and volunteers that have supported us and helped with whatever they could to get this virus under control. Special thanks to all of you that have chosen to continue to be part of the Paw Palace family. Each individual dog that we serve is special to us and we hope to continue to see you and yours at Paw Palace Lynwood, IL.

Paw Palace is a Chicagoland based company with an unparalleled track record providing dog boarding, K-9 (canine) training services and impressive dog grooming treatments. The Paw Palace team of professionals is equipped to provide your pet with the loving care he or she needs. With top industry dog training certifications and accreditations, we are committed to providing superior quality canine services and top quality dog training and educational services. We consistently exceed our valued clients’ expectations!

Paw Palace – Trust and Experience

Dog Boarding Kennels

Our highly experienced staff is fully dedicated to satisfying each and every dog owner’s needs and the individual needs of their pet. Paw Palace’s head trainer Elad Bachar has multiple years of K-9 training, from Military dog training to basic and advanced obedience dog training for household dogs and industry working canines. Working with dogs is a passion of Elad’s and passing his techniques to others is what he strives to do. Each Paw Palace kennel staff member has extensive previous experience with pet care. We work as a team making the facility a much stronger and healthier environment. Jerry is the manager of Paw Palace and has many years of pet care experience. He implements effective processes for proper sterilization of the building, pet first aid, and organizing daycare, boarding, training and grooming services for pets. Each member of the Paw Palace staff was chosen for their capability, dedication, and positive energy.

Paw Palace Dog Suites

Paw Palace Dog Suites

Our brand new facility is built specifically to offer the highest level of pet care and comfort inside and out. With acres of land, we have more than enough space to focus on what we do best; providing loving care for your dog. Paw Palace is licensed with the Illinois Department of Agriculture, as well as the Village of Lynwood.

Paw Palace’s full-service dog grooming department has over fifteen years of experience making dogs beautiful. From puppies to seniors and even the most difficult to handle, we take them all! Our goal is to make sure you leave happy every time. Here at Paw Palace, we make sure your pet feels like part of our family too. We offer a full range of services including baths, puppy cuts and shave downs. We even braid specific patterns to beautify your pet’s healthy coat!

Dog Boarding, Doggie Daycare and Dog Training

Doggie Day Care

Our Dog Day Care Services are here to simplify your life while knowing that your pooch is under our loving care. We provide friendly constant attention to each individual dog. You can drop off and pick him or her up with 100% satisfaction! The Paw Palace doggie day care service is great for people traveling to and from work regularly. Pick up and drop off services and package deals are also available.

Doggie Day Care in Lynwood Illinois

Doggie Day Care in Lynwood Illinois

Dog Boarding

Our brand new boarding kennels and suites are individual, roomy spaces that provide comfort for your dog(s) and great care from our pet-loving staff!  We offer three different types of kennel spaces from which our customers can choose including:

  1. Regular Indoor/Outdoor
  2. Junior Suites, and
  3. Luxury Suites

Also, with a dog boarding period of five day or more, a complimentary bath is offered! We strive to keep our facility up to date and in tip top shape. With lots of love and plenty of socialization, you will feel confident knowing that your dog’s experience will be healthy and positive! Pick up and drop off services and package deals are available.

Dog Boarding Services Include:

  1. Pick Up and Drop Off – a convenient way to get your dog(s) to and from Paw Palace without hassle!
  2. Nature Walk – a long walk on the nature path around our lake!
  3. Playtime – an individual play session in our outdoor play pen or in our indoor training arena.
Dog Training

Dog Training

Dog Training

Paw Palace dog training services are designed to help canines learn obedience. For this reason, our dog training services contribute to better pet/owner relationships and help dogs to behave well while they are interacting with other persons and animals.

Paw Palace offers three dog training classes:

  1. Puppy Class – The Puppy Training Class is available for puppies six months and younger. It is a four week program with one class per week, making four classes in total. The lessons provided include socialization skills with new people and other dogs, communication skills, basic manners, and puppy exposure. The Puppy Training Class is the foundation of all classes provided and will help build a structure for a better life.
  2. Basic Obedience – The Basic Obedience Dog Training Class is offered for dogs six months and older. It is a six week program with one class per week, making six classes in total.  The lessons provided teach obedience skills such as modern communication (known as marker training) between the handler and the dog as well as sit, down, stay, and walk nice on leash.
  3. Advanced Dog Training

    Advanced Dog Training

    Advanced Obedience – The Advanced Obedience Dog Training Class is available for dogs that have completed the Basic Obedience Dog Training Class. It is a six week program with one class per week, making a total of six training classes. The lessons provided teach skills such as developed communication (marker training) between the handler and the dog as well as all basic obedience off leash, hand signals, and the heel command.

In Kennel Training – The In Kennel Training Program is offered to our customers who want one-on-one daily interaction for their dog with a trainer for a period of five days. A scheduled appointment will be assigned for the fifth day. The trainer will show a demo of skills learned, then verbally explain what was being taught, followed by watching and correcting while you handle your dog.

Private Lessons – This is a one hour session of personal attention with a trainer to focus exclusively on your dog’s individual needs.

Full-service Dog Grooming

The Paw Palace dog grooming pet spa and pet salon provides a full-service range of appealing and practical procedures for your pet. Our doggie day spa and salon offers dog shampooing, dog blow-drying, nail trimming and a range of other pampering treatments, all of which are designed to highlight the beauty of your dog’s coat, while benefiting his or her general hygiene.

Paw Palace Dog Hotel Lobby

Paw Palace Dog Hotel Lobby

Serving the Communities of Illinois and Indiana

Illinois Communities

  • Lynwood
  • Lansing
  • Glenwood
  • Homewood
  • Ford Heights
  • Chicago Heights
  • Sauk Village
  • Matteson
  • Park Forest
  • Thornton
  • South Holland
  • and more!

Indiana Communities

  • Dyer
  • Munster
  • St. John
  • Schererville
  • Hammond
  • Merrillville
  • and more!

Business Hours
Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday – 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Sunday – Closed